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How can we help? Call 573-645-2056

Website Database Development & Integration

Databases are the workhorses behind many websites. They power everything from member login to searching massive amounts of data.

You many not realize that your website needs a database. Chances are good it does.

Databases are the behind-the-scenes drivers of many websites. They allow users to search a wealth of information to find the perfect  service or information they need. Databases are perfect tools for membership organizations that need directories, job banks or event schedules.

Databases also allow multiple pages to use the same information or allow for custom-built pages designed for the individual user's interests. E-savvy Communications, LLC, can develop customized databases using SQL.

Web Client-Side Administration

Databases also are key to allowing you to update much of your own content. Databases integrated with web-based administration pages allow website owners to log on to a password-protected area to update directories, services, products, calendars, personnel, etc., without needing special training.

E-savvy Communications, LLC, also can design a site compatible for in-house updates with an inexpensive software solutions or content management systems like WordPress. These simple-to-use software systems allow user-side updates and can protect the code that drives the site. E-savvy will provides staff training and phone support for this software to clients on a maintenance plan.

Sample of Membership Database

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